Our Brands

Bloomsburg CarpetSilver Creek Carpet, is a division of Bloomsburg Carpet Industries and has become a leader in residential flooring fashion and design providing sophisticated style and superior quality. Silver Creek's fine products begin with wool, one of nature's gifts that addresses the ever-increasing need for respect of our global environment. Silver Creek has an unwavering commitment to contributing to the welfare of our environmental future.

Saxony Floorcovering Rosecore Carpet, Established in 1980, the Rosecore Carpet Division has been the premier supplier of fine broadloom and hand-knotted floorcovering products for over 30 years. With a rich history of artisan craftsmanship and innovative design, Rosecore's exquisite floorcoverings enhance exclusive interiors around the world.

Crescent Carpet ImportersCrescent Carpet Importers, was established in 1994 as an importer and distributor of fine woven carpets. Being at the forefront of carpet fashion Crescent Carpet uses its discerning eye in selecting products which are loomed to the highest standards of quality. We favor mostly natural fibers fabricated to our exclusive designs and look for sophistication and luxury in color and material, as well as in artistry. We have put together a series of collections, designs which complement each other, ranging from classic to contemporary. We offer a variety of constructions as well, including wilton, flatwoven and hand-tufted.

STG CarpetsSpecialty Textile Group, Every STG product is meticulously crafted of the finest fibers and components to ensure years of enduring beauty and performance. Our method of blending hand crafted processes, with the latest technological advances allow us to achieve a level of quality and artistry that is apparent at a glance. Every step of the manufacturing process is done by hand, affording the incorporation of colors, textures and designs maximum design flexibility. Broadloom carpets are stocked in standard, fashion forward, four color palettes colors and undyed state so that quick turnaround of custom colored projects is possible.

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